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Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Saturday Morning Excursion

Last Saturday I had to come in to work. I needed to make sure all of the classrooms in the Eccles School of Business were ready for Monday morning classes. I also had to interview candidates for a few open positions in the business building and needed to participate in our MBA Orientation that was still going on. So I came into work early – even earlier than I needed to.

On a whim I decided to take a little excursion. One of the fences around the construction yard wasn’t locked, so I snuck in there (don’t tell Sean or he’ll kill me!). I spent the next 45 minutes walking through the shell of the new building. I was struck by two things:

1) The immense size of the building. It is mammoth. It is spacious. It is awesome.

2) How easy it is becoming to envision everything. I have the advantage of seeing all the architectural renderings along the way, so I spent my time applying those renderings to the new building. I stood at the front of many of the classrooms and envisioned what it would be like to teach in it. I pretended to walk through and buy something in the cafeteria. I sat down in the courtyard and thought, “what a great place to sit down and drink hot chocolate.” I watched a student team work on a project in one of the student project team rooms. And so on…

All in all, it was a wonderful Saturday morning excursion. And the building really is coming together!

Ken Snyder

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