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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Stairway to Heaven – Or At Least to the 4th Floor

Huntsman Hall NW Stairway
Over the last few weeks, the stairways at the NW and SE corners of Huntsman Hall have started going up. Up until now the contractors have gone from one level to another by using ladders. It had me worried that we would have to use ladders in the new building as well.

Normally contractors build stairways at the same time they build walls and pout floor slabs. In our case we’re doing things backward due to some design issues with the stairways. We were able to get the design issues resolved, and now the stairways are catching up to the rest of the building.

These stairways will be glass-enclosed. That means that people on the outside will be able to see the people on the stairs, and that the people on the stairs will see the people outside – and also have nice view of the mountains or the quad – depending on the stairway.

They’re not quite ready for us to use yet, but I am looking forward to my first climb in a few days. It may not be sublime as the Jimmy Page (or Randy California, depending on whom you believe) stairway to heaven, and it may not actually take me to heaven, but at least it will take me to the new 4th floor.

Ken Snyder

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