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Friday, July 18, 2014


Aerial view
When we made the decision to keep the existing George S. Eccles business building and add Huntsman Hall, we knew certain things – based on fire and building codes:
  • The buildings would have to structurally independent of one another; 
  • The separation between the two buildings would need to be 24 feet or more – except in the limited places where the two buildings connect; and 
  • We wanted to have the two buildings integrated together into one complex that would be highly functional and easy to navigate.
Steel supports connecting the buildings
With this challenge in mind, we visited various universities that have done similar things – that is, connect a newer business building with older business building. We were satisfied it could be done well. We decided to locate the connections on the NW and SE corners of the existing building (see above aerial view). These connections will be on 3 different levels – Level 1 (basement); Level 2 (ground floor); and Level 3.

It’s one thing to imagine these connections, but it’s another to see them being constructed (see adjacent photo). A few months ago, I mentioned holes were being punched into the Eccles building. Those holes were punched in the locations where these connections are now being constructed.

It’s great to see the two buildings coming together.

Ken Snyder

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