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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Lights Are On In 116

I've talked a lot about the improvements we are making in our existing Eccles business building this summer. One of those improvements just got installed last week – new lights in classroom 116.

Classroom 116 is the only regular classroom in the basement of the Eccles building. All of the other
New lights in 116
classrooms are computer labs. The lights in 116 go back to time immemorial. They may be the original lights when the building was finished in 1970, but no one is sure. That’s how old they look. And how dim they were. The lights were so dim that I’ve heard some students refer to 116 as “the dungeon.” In my humble opinion, it is not good when students think of a classroom as a “dungeon.” 

Last week, we installed brand new LED lights in 116 (see attached photo). We turned the lights on. We measured the light. It’s almost twice the level of lumens as we had with the old lights. The lights are on! 

We will also be installing new desks and chairs in 116 in a few weeks. When students come back to school next month, they will have no idea what older students mean when they talk about taking a class in the “dungeon.”

Ken Snyder

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