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Monday, October 8, 2012

Why I Wish I was a Huntsman Student: Excellent Professors

Let me start off by saying that I am a proud print journalism major in the journalism and communications department. I've greatly enjoyed my time as a student in this department and have grown to love the students and faculty members that I work with. 

That being said, in another life, with the experiences that I've had working for the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, I think I would have really enjoyed being a Huntsman student and here is one reason why: because of the Huntsman School professors. 

Last week I had the opportunity to meet with a couple different professors as part of a work task that I needed to complete. I was able to sit down with Management Department Head, Dr. James Davis as well as Associate Professor, Dr. Tim Gardner to discuss some things. While in our meetings, the concern that these professors had for their students was so apparent that even an outsider like myself was able to see that these professors have the best interest of their students in mind. They are more than willing to go to great lengths to ensure their students' academic and future success.

Not only that, but many Huntsman professors that I've seen while working at the Huntsman School of Business or while at a business school event, work diligently to establish a relationship with their students. Many times I will see an interaction between a student and a teacher that I think is invaluable to the student's education. The fact that professors are so willing to freely build relationships with their students and talk with them, as if they were old friends to offer advice or mentor-ship, is something that students should greatly treasure because though relationships such as these are found in other colleges around campus,  it is not seen so often or to this great extent. 

Students of the Huntsman School of Business, take advantage of the willing and able professors that you have. I've seen first hand how willing they are to help you; They are there for YOU and want to help you succeed and this is one reason that I wish I was a Huntsman student. 

Allie Jeppson


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