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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Negotiation Navigation

Over time, I’ve come to learn that negotiation is a necessary skill, not just in business, but in everyday life as well. The following is a list of tips and tricks that might help you close your next deal, whatever it may be.

1. Prepare
In an article from, it is suggested that you list your purpose, goals and desired outcome. It can be easy to lose track when you are negotiating because certain goals might change, but always focus on your primary objectives. Do your research, know your facts and get more information about the other party. If you practice beforehand, be aware of your body language and keep your emotions in check. You don’t want the other party to know that you are nervous or easily agitated.

2. "Take your ego off the table"

Use “we” instead of “I”, states this from an article on Using “we” shows that you are willing to work together to achieve your individual goals and reach a win-win situation.

3. "Listen before you speak"
An article from suggests that in the art of negotiating, it is best to be patient and let the other party talk. Observe their body language and analyze the facts or offers that they bring to the table. This will help you come up with a good offer, or counteroffer, when it’s your turn to speak.  

Based on experience, CONFIDENCE, for me, is key to successful negotiation. With confidence, half the battle is won. 

Nadiah Johari

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