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Monday, October 22, 2012

A Better Education

Ask me why I’m receiving a better undergraduate education than students at BYU or Harvard. In my video resume at, I ask potential employers or graduate schools this same question.

Like most students, I came to USU because I simply fell into the school after discovering a passion for my major. However, after researching other schools, I have become convinced that Huntsman Students have unsurpassed opportunities. The resources available and education environment is better than anywhere for students. How do I know this? I’ve listened to transfer students and current students at rival institutions. Many tell me that the Huntsman School is unique in that it has caring professors and top programs to engage students. It is small enough that all students can take advantage of the possibilities. Outside of the classroom, opportunities are not overwhelmed with applicants like they are elsewhere. Try applying for a Business Internship in Africa at Harvard! Here, it is a realistic option. Where else can you be paid to teach illiterate but motivated people basic business and finance skills? There can’t be any more rewarding and life-enhancing opportunity than SEED internships. Our school is growing rapidly and administration ensures that opportunities for students grow with enrollment.

Our dean, Douglas D. Anderson, once told me that only half of education takes place in the classroom. He implied that education is so much more than just a piece of paper representing four years of exams and textbooks. My degree will represent more than just a signal to employers, but has real value by increasing my ethical leadership skills, global vision, and real world skills. My degree alone won’t just pad my resume. I have real skills and experience, and the school has been working to bring Huntsman Students to the top of the pile of prospective employees.

 Our school has a dedicated entrepreneurship center and entrepreneurship club that brings expertise to students across all majors that want to pursue their idea. I sincerely hope that all students engage themselves in an international experience with programs like Go Global that lets students experience business principles in action!

Additionally, students can explore career options by visiting top employers like Goldman Sachs and Deliotte in New York, or Zion’s Bank and D.A. Davidson in Salt Lake. “Career Exploration” trips are a prime opportunity to meet a prospective employer and get a lift up in the competition for jobs. The Huntsman School of Business works hard to bring top recruiters to Utah State like Honeywell and Raytheon. New Huntsman professors are additional evidence of the fact that our school’s reputation for excellence is growing. Top economists from University of Chicago and MIS professors from Pepperdine show that our school has something special.

So how is it better here in the Eccles Building than at any Ivy League? Four words: Realistic opportunities and top-tier education. I’d much rather have a Huntsman School of Business Degree even though the world may see a Harvard Degree plaque as more valuable…for now.

Jeff Parker
Business School Senator

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