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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sound Baffles

Plans for the new Huntsman building are dedicated to benefiting students in a way that is conducive to their learning. In order to provide a state-of-the-art learning facility, the feature of sound baffles will be added to the structure of classrooms and lecture halls in the new building.

Sound baffles are tools of noise mitigation and will make it easier for students in the classroom to hear the instructor. A couple of different types of baffles will be included in the new classrooms. The first type of baffle will be placed at the front of the room where the ceiling and front wall meet. The baffle will join the ceiling and the front wall at a slanted angle allowing the teacher’s voice at the front of the room to be better carried throughout the entire class. The sound will echo up to the baffle and then be projected back to the students.

The other type of sound baffle to be included in classrooms will be located along the surrounding walls of the classrooms. These wall-type baffles are designed to deaden any noise outside of the classroom and enhance sound inside of the classroom. While the baffles in the layout below look fairly pronounced, they won’t be quite so noticeable in actual reality.
Sound baffles are just one of the ways that classroom design has gotten better over the years and as an institution, we are trying to take advantage of that by creating facilities for students in which they can become better learners.
Layout of ceiling and wall baffles in new Huntsman School classrooms
Side view layout of ceiling baffles in new Huntsman School classroomsLayout of wall sound baffles in new Huntsman School classrooms.
Ken Snyder
Ken Snyder 

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