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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Story of the Terrace

The Story of the Terrace

This is one of the images we created to help us conceptualize what our new building complex might look like, and to use for fundraising purposes.
In this image, you can see a terrace that overlooks the campus. This location provides a great view looking west toward the Quad and Old Main, and a nice view of the corridor that runs between the business buildings and the library. Right off the bat, this terrace resonated with donors.

This terrace could serve as an event space, and when not booked for events, this terrace could be used by students as an outdoor place to study with an inspiring view.

But we have a problem. In the design phase, the terrace was eliminated. In the original concept plans, the building had two sets of stair cases. But because of the anticipated load, or number of people, that will be using Huntsman Hall, it is required that we have three sets of stair cases. The beloved terrace was booted out to fit the required third stair case.

When donors realized the terrace would be missing, we got resounding feedback to get it back. We are now trying to find a way to retain the terrace despite these changes. Below is a sketch which provides for the third stair case as well as the terrace. The stair case would be a little tight fitting, but the terrace would be able to fit. It might even save us some money.
Ken Snyder

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