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Friday, July 6, 2012

Expansion Tunnel System

Huntsman Hall Getting Connected to Campus – Literally

The first construction project for the Huntsman Hall addition will be to extend the existing campus underground utility tunnels. The tunnels are 10 feet by 10 feet and built out of concrete. They are 15 feet underground and stable enough to have vehicles drive over them. In fact, these utility tunnels look a lot like the tunnels that provide access to the parking lots across the highway (see picture below). The tunnels carry campus-wide steam, chilled water, network and data wiring, and miscellaneous piping and electrical services.

Parking lot tunnel under the highway
In 2000, the facilities department built a mile long tunnel system to connect the utilities from the central plant throughout campus. These first underground tunnels were built along the perimeter of the quad. This piping allows the utilities from the central energy plant by the Spectrum, to reach all over campus. The system will be extended approximately 300 feet east to connect to the Eccles Business Building as well as Huntsman Hall.

There are two main advantages of being connected to the tunnel expansion system: it’s more reliable, and it is more economical over time. There is a high initial investment required for both the cost of building the steam plant, as well as building the tunnel system, but the running costs are much lower. Once a building is connected to the system, there are rarely any utility problems.

We are anxiously awaiting construction to start in order to be completed in August before Fall Semester starts.

Ken Snyder

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