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Friday, July 13, 2012

Contruction for Huntsman Hall has Started


Construction for Huntsman Hall has officially started. This week, excavators came in and started the construction project by clearing the grounds. In order to extend the tunnel system, a large trench must be dug to connect the Eccles Business building and Huntsman Hall to the utility tunnels. This trench will be fairly deep and wide, and will be approximately 300 feet in length.

Here are some photos so that all of you can see some of the work happening on campus right now.

Before Construction Started
Construction work on July 20, 2012

Due to the necessity of clearing the grounds and making way for the trench, unfortunately a small number of trees were taken down. The good news is when the building is completed, we will plant many new trees. According to fire code, there must be a 25 foot wide fire access road leading into campus between the new Ag building and Huntsman Hall. If the fire code permits it, we will plant trees along both sides of this road.

Ken Snyder

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