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Friday, February 14, 2014

Displaced Huntsman Students Won’t Have to Walk Far this Summer to Find Their Classes

By Ken Snyder

I’ve written about all the renovation work that’s going to be going on in the George S. Eccles Business Building this summer. I’ve warned those of you who take summer classes that there will be no classes offered in the business building because of all that construction. I thought I’d give you some idea where those classes will be held.  

At latest count, there will be 14 classes held in the Merrill-Cazier Library. It looks like most of the accounting and finance classes will end up over there. I counted nine classes that will be held in the Engineering Building, and six classes that will be in the Distance Education Building which is in the center of campus a couple blocks north of the library. Four classes will be in the new Agricultural Sciences Building next door. 

So, this construction shouldn’t cause much of a problem for anyone. In fact, it may be an opportunity for some of you to see the campus and explore strange new hallways. Don’t get too enamored with these new locations you are discovering, however. Come back in the fall. You want to see what we've created in the business building while you were gone and you’ll want to be close enough to hear and see the progress being made on Huntsman Hall. It will all get quite audible and visual around here as soon as the weather warms up this spring and that will continue into the fall.

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