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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Top 10 Reasons to Go on a Local Career Exploration Trip

Students Visiting the Utah State Capitol on Economics-focused Trip
By Erin Mann, Alumni Engagement Coordinator

Career Exploration trips are designed to provide students the opportunity to better understand the types of careers available to them. Have you ever wondered why you should attend a local Career Exploration trip? Here are the top 10 reasons:

10. Get free stuff – You’re guaranteed free bottles of water, mints and treats. Plus the odds are in your favor for getting free treats and swag from the companies we visit.

9. Skip class and hang out in Salt Lake City – All of our trips take place on Fridays, so not only do you get to skip class, but you also get to spend the day in the “Salty Apple” where it’s at least five degrees warmer than Cache Valley.

8. It costs less than a date to the movies – Trips only cost $15. That covers the cost of gas, lunch and a guaranteed good time.

7. Look like James Bond – The dress for each trip is business professional. Pull that old suit out of the closet, iron out that pencil skirt, shake off the dust and get ready to make a good impression.

6. Meet the cute girl or boy in your Into to Marketing Class – You’ll learn the names of your fellow classmates and you’ll probably make some new friends.

5. Learn about million dollar companies that you didn’t even know existed – Each of the companies we visit is handpicked because of its success in the industry.

4. Hang out with your professors – Get to know the teachers who decide your grades, write letters of recommendation and have plenty of contacts.

3. Have your choice of major either confirmed or you’ll be making an appointment with your academic advisor – Career Exploration trips are a great way to find the field you really want to work in. Do you see yourself as a public accountant or are you more of a marketer?

2. Meet your future heroes – Whether or not you want to work for one of the companies we visit, you’re sure to meet talented people with impressive backgrounds.

1. Network with professionals in your future industry – One of the professionals on your trip could be your future boss. Practice your handshake, take notes and remember to utilize your new contacts.

To learn more about Career Exploration or to sign up for a trip, visit

Written by Erin Mann, Huntsman Alumni Engagement Coordinator

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