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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Huntsman Hall Now Has the Beginnings of a Ground Floor

By Ken Snyder

It looks like we’ve gotten in on the ground floor or, at least, some of it. As you may have noticed on our webcams (see Huntsman Hall webcam watchers), we have poured lots of concrete beams and walls over the past month or so. Last week, we poured our first slab of concrete.

The first slab is under the dark tarps.
Last week six trucks full of concrete took advantage of the warmer weather and poured the very first slab of Huntsman Hall. It took 150,000 pounds or 50 yards of cement to make a square section of floor that is four-inches thick. (See the picture.)

I believe that will give us the floor for two rooms and part of the hallway on the first floor (basement). This is another step in our progress, and we are grateful for the mild weather that allows us to continue this type of work in the winter. When the weather warms up even more, pay close attention to the video feed because good weather sparks construction progress. In fact, as I write this I see that it is 21 degrees, sunny and there is another cement truck on site.

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  1. Hi Ken, this is Diego Mendiola, I am a journalism student here in USU. I am currently working on an article about the building. If it is possible for you, I would like to meet and discuss with you about the building sometime this week. We could always do a telephone interview if it is more convenient for you. You may contact me by email at or call me or text me anytime (801) 636-7596.

    Thank you.