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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Huntsman Hall Team is Worth Watching

By Ken Snyder

Ever hear a coach express genuine gratitude for the talent he has on his roster? If a coach can count on every player to contribute when it counts, she is in a happy spot. She knows the points will be on the board.

When it comes to Huntsman Hall we have just such a team assembled and I would like to express some gratitude for the members of our team. Recently we had a meeting to discuss ways that we can get the best value for the money that is being invested in this building. Here are the organizations that are represented at our construction table.

1.      The Utah State Division of Facilities Construction and Management
2.      Spindler Construction Corp.
3.      GSBS Architects
4.      The Utah State University Facilities Department
5.      The Jon M. Huntsman School of Business

Each organization came to the meeting with proposals for saving money without sacrificing quality. We identified more than 20 ideas that will result in substantial savings. Our team is taking a smart and thoughtful approach to this project. I am confident that every dollar invested will be put to good use, and that we will provide the future generations of students a building that will provide great value.

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