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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Switching Sides

Last week I mentioned we are considering a number of tweaks in this building model concept. In the initial model concept, the hallway on the classroom floors of the new building was on the courtyard side of building – as per this drawing:

One of the tweaks we want to implement is to maximize the magnificent view of the south end of the valley. In order to accomplish this, the architects have proposed changing the configuration of the hallway on all of the levels of the new building that are above ground level – in other words, levels two and three. With this revised hallway configuration, the lay-out of these floors would look like this drawing below:

We think this is a great idea and will add significant value to the student experiences in the new building.

- Ken Snyder


  1. I am disappointed to find their is no space for a bus stop. Current bus drop off don't favor the business building. With this new build i would hope that the huntsman hall would gather even more foot traffic then the current building. As such i feel you need to address how students will be getting to the building, not just into the building.

  2. Even though I have not discussed it in my blog postings, we actually have considered access to the building -- including the location of a bus stop. We have made provisions for a bus stop in front of the building along Champ Drive.