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Monday, May 14, 2012

Changing the Arc

As the architects have started plugging our classroom and other needs in the initial concept drawing, they have discovered two big problems: 1) the classrooms don’t fit; and 2) the courtyard between the two buildings becomes too narrow in some places.
If we change the arc of the building a little, we can have the best of both worlds, and I wanted you to see some of the proposals we’ve looked at so far. We are not limited to these four approaches.

The proposal in the upper left corner is our original design after we found how wide it would make the building to put in the classrooms as we originally envisioned them.
Ken Snyder
As you can see, the tweaks don’t change the appearance of Huntsman Hall that much. The view from a helicopter would be different but the way it looks from the ground will probably be very close with any of the options under consideration.
We will settle on a new plan sometime in the next few weeks.

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