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Monday, August 8, 2011

Great Work Great Career will be back in the fall semester

We really appreciate all the support we are getting from the Huntsman faculty, as well as the faculty and staff from other colleges and Career Services as the program continues to grow and develop.  Week after week, we hear from the best of the best this university has to offer.  The lessons the students learn and the connections they have the opportunity to make are invaluable. 

Everything is coming together for the fall session.  The dates aren’t set in stone yet but applications will open around the first week of school with the course beginning possibly the third week in September and going for nine weeks.  We’ll get everything finalized in the next week so be sure to check out our next post!

In the very book we study, Dr. Stephen R. Covey and Jennifer Colosimo make a claim that “it’s a natural principle that you cannot achieve anything truly worthwhile alone – at least not in the world of work.”  We stand by that claim and implement that principle into this course.  There are great lessons taught concerning the importance of taking charge of your life, defining your contribution, getting the work you want, and how to perform well on résumés and during interviews.  On top of that, the relationships formed between students and with the elite guest speakers have the potential to accelerate ones career.

Jordan Jennings, a marketing student graduating this December, had this to say after completing the course,

“Great Work Great Career gave me the preparation I needed to step out of college and into the career search with confidence and direction.  Thanks to Great Work Great Career I know I can take control.  Where most people go through the application process in the standard way, I know I can take control, be proactive, and not simply find a job opening, but create a place for myself in a company where I can make a significant contribution.”

Jordan, along with many others, have expressed their increase in confidence as they get ready to graduate and prepare to enter the job market. 

To students, we encourage you to participate in this program.  To professors, we ask you to encourage your students to participate in this program.  

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