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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Be a contributor - with purpose, passion and cause

Stephen Covey and Jennifer Colosimo, the authors of the book our course is based on, make an interesting claim, saying, “You are not a ‘job description with legs.’”  What could that possibly mean?  In their book, they expound upon this topic multiple times.  They explain that what you do for, or at, a certain company, isn’t just your “job description”; it’s more.  They go on to explain:

“You are more than just your passion and instincts: that would make you merely an animal.  And a key distinction is your conscience—the part of you that whispers what you should do with your life, what your responsibility is.  Your talents, passions, and conscience together add up to a whole person.  Unless you are invested as a whole person in your career, you will always find yourself underemployed, frustrated, and perhaps burdened with guilt.”

They say that people in the workplace should be more than just employees with a title or job description. They can be solutions to their employer’s problems – a focused contributor with purpose, passion and cause.  We believe in these principles.  We desire to instill this confident mindset into students, so that as they go through the years of education and prepare to enter the world of work, they can incorporate their talents, passions and conscience together to make a significant contribution in whatever field they choose to involve themselves.

A few pages back in the book, another profound statement is made, that “Every person should be able to respond to the question ‘What do you do?’ not with a job title, but with a statement of personal responsibility.”  Through very experienced guest speakers, an engaging book and interactive online work, we help students understand the responsibility they have in discovering their unique skill set and voice, compiled of their talents, passions, and conscience.  We help them understand how they can be able to use this to take charge of their lives and get the work they want. 

This course isn’t just for those students who are graduating after this next semester. It can have a lasting impact for new, young students as they trek through the adventure of finding out what degree to pursue and how to do it.

The dates have been set for this upcoming session.  Applications will open August 29th, which is the first day of school.  Classes will begin on September 20th and will occur every Tuesday evening for nine weeks, ending on November 15th. 

We are confident this course will continue to develop and will have a lasting impact as its timeless principles are presented, explored and put into practice.  

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