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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The domino effect now plays out on USU campus

Now that we’ve found the architect we want to hire to lead the construction on our new building, people are asking me when construction will officially get underway. That’s a difficult question to answer because the start point of the timeline is out of our control.

It’s what I call the domino effect. Before we can begin work on our new building, there are a number of things, which are out of our control, that need to happen first. For starters, the construction of the new Agricultural Building needs to be completed.

Ken Snyder
After that, the tentative sequence as Facilities has explained it to me, is that the College of Agriculture and Department of Journalism and Communication faculty need to move into the new building. Next there will be some sort of renovation of the Animal Science Building. Then, I’m told, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics will move out of the Lund Hall. Then we we will demolish Lund Hall. And only after the demolition work on Lund Hall is complete can we actually begin construction on our building.

As for time schedule, I have heard that they expect the Agricultural Building to be completed in February of 2012. I am told that the Department of Mathematics and Statistics people will move out of Lund Hall sometime in between May 2012 and August 2012.

So, as you watch construction on new Agricultural Building progress, realize you are also watching the goal of our new building becoming a reality. It’s all part of the domino effect.

Ken Snyder

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  1. What are the reasons for the new building? I hope it isn't being built for the sake of spending money; it seems like that occurs sometimes, at the sacrifice of more meaningful investments and improvements in either faculty or other resources for students. I never felt that the building was too small. I don't see a new building as being a significant value add to the quality of the education provided. While I occasionally had classes in other buildings due to a lack of classrooms in the business building, that was never a problem.

    It seems to work fine as far as I see it. If the building had structural issues or needed to be torn down anyway, that would be one thing; and it may very well be the case. If it isn't for any issues directly related to safety, I am not sure I would support the endeavor.