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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 7

Today was mostly a travel day. We didn’t have any excursions planned, and the flight didn’t leave until late afternoon, so Sunday morning offered a chance for most people to sleep in, which was extremely welcome by most. As the hotel owned and operated a golf course, a few people went and hit some balls on the driving range. Also, a group of students and a couple professors organized a church meeting. Those that went had a good experience and were grateful to worship even while far from home. We left the hotel earlier than strictly necessary and headed to Busan. It’s the second largest city in South Korea, and the largest dock. On the dock was the Fish Market—the largest in the world (or so the sign said). It was unbelievable the sheer number of fish varieties available for people to buy. Some of the more exotic offerings included eel , squid, and my personal favorite—octopus, still alive with tentacles flailing.

There also was an international market. It had a lot of legit high end stores and American eateries (I can’t believe the number of Dunkin Doughnuts here in Korea). There were also a lot of small local vendors selling their knock offs. Several people made purchases, myself included. It was kind of like New York City—5th Avenue and Chinatown—combined into a much smaller space.

At the airport, the time came to say goodbye to Ben. We sure are grateful for all he did for us while we were in Korea. It was wonderful to have someone that knew the language and culture to help us out.

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