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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rain, Rain, Go Away?

So far this month, it has rained 22 of the 27 days. The most common question I’ve been asked the past few weeks is, “how is the rain impacting the construction schedule?”

Throughout the winter, we were blessed with terrific construction weather. We had an incredibly large number of warm, snow-free days. It helped us reach a point where we can plan for construction being completed in December of this year.

Ken Snyder
The truth is, rain doesn’t really impact the construction schedule at this point. The building is mostly sealed in. The places that aren’t sealed in are OK – mainly the middle section on the curve of the boomerang – the rain doesn’t slow down or stop construction. The roofers can install roofing, the welders can weld, and so on. And the rain doesn’t do any damage. About the only problem with rain is that sometimes it is necessary for one of the construction workers to go out and squeegee off the rainwater.

A few days ago, it was raining (surprise!). As I do many days, I walked-through the building, I counted over 130 workers in the building. One was doing the squeegee work. All of the others were engaged in working on the building.

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