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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Construction Work Turns Up the Heat of the Huntsman World in Logan

By Ken Snyder

I’ve heard it said that if you put a frog in a pot of cold water and slowly heat it up, the frog won’t try to escape, like it would if you dropped it into hot water. We are not frogs at the Huntsman School of Business. Things have heated up and, oh, we have noticed.

Since construction has forced us to shut down our air conditioning systems, we have instantly gained a serious appreciation for something we took for granted before. While 80 degrees of sunny weather might make the perfect addition to a beach vacation, such temperatures can be very distracting in an office setting.

Right now I’m with five other people who are sharing a very stuffy classroom for our office when we can stand it. Since we aren’t keen on working up a sweat while at our keyboards we have considered going underground just like they do in the sci-fi movies when solar flares make life unlivable on the planet surface. We thought about pushing aside some computers on the first floor in the basement in hopes it might be a little cooler there but we can’t do that yet because they are still working on the new air conditioning systems for the labs.
Ken Snyder is feeling the heat.

Complete relief isn’t expected until August, so until them we are going old-school using fans and many people have just started working from home as much as they can. When things start heating up in June, most of us barely notice it until we go out to mow the lawn because our air-conditioned world equalizes things for us. That’s not the case this year. When those air conditioning units start churning out refreshing, life-giving air later this summer, however, I can guarantee we’ll notice and appreciate them more than we ever have before. From my point of view cool will never be cooler.

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