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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ken Gives Advice How to Connect to the Past and Explore the Future – Without Getting Lost

People talk about a need to look to the future while staying connected to the past. 

The arrows mark the hallways.
At the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business that is going to be happening in a literal way because we will be connecting the George S. Eccles Business Building with Huntsman Hall through six hallways. Do you have any idea where they will be?

The birth of a hallway.
They will be on the first or basement floor, the second, or ground floor, and the third floor. Three of them will be near the southwest corner of the Eccles building. To see the beginnings of these connecting hallways, go to the third floor, walk to the east side of the building and then walk south down the hallway. (If you are walking into the Jeffrey D. Clark Center for Entrepreneurship, you’re having trouble with directions. That happens a lot in this building.) Now, look down from the window at the south end of the hallway. You can see the beginnings of a connecting hallway (see the attached picture). And yes, there will be a ceiling and floor for these hallways. No one will have to walk across rebar or through the mud to get into the other building.

Do any of you know where Dave Patel or Hilary Frisby’s office are in northwest side of the building in the Programs and Advising Center on the third floor? To imagine where the third-floor hallway is going to be you have to imagine it blasting right through their offices. Please imagine that they are safely out of their offices before this happens. All three floors will connect on this northwest corner of the building too. I’ve attached a rendering with some arrows showing where the connections will be.
Ken Snyder

What’s the advantage to knowing all of this? On that first day of classes when people are entering from the Eccles building, late for their first class in Huntsman Hall, you won’t even be rushed. You’ll be connected because you read this blog. In the meantime, I’m looking for office space for Dave and Hilary.

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