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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Huntsman Hall Will Have Plenty to Say When it is Completed

By Ken Snyder

When it comes to brand position among business schools, there’s nothing like a brand-new building to reinforce the message that we are all about excellence and on our way to becoming a top-tier institution. In some ways, the building will communicate that message faster and more effectively than dozens of speeches, press releases, or marketing materials. 

We think that one of the first things people will notice entering from our side of the campus will be Huntsman Hall. We think that Huntsman Hall will prove to be a great first impression of Utah State University. We are proud of what USU is all about and our building will leave no doubt that we are true Aggies. 
We’ll have an Aggie-blue theme inside the facility that will be repeated throughout the building, often in subtle ways like having an Aggie-blue podium and Aggie-blue chairs in our classrooms. Even some of the paintings on the wall will reflect this, with Aggie-blue themes and motifs reinforcing our connection to this great university, its traditions and its forward momentum.

Huntsman Hall will represent what is best about Utah State and what’s best about the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business.

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