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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

First-Ever Marketing Week

By Allie Jeppson

Students and business professionals came together March 3 -7 to participate in the first-ever Marketing Week at Utah State University’s Jon M. Huntsman School of Business.

The week-long event and accompanied activities were focused on marketing aspects such as market research, how to market one’s self, marketing strategy, branding and graphic design. Activities also helped students understand the different avenues of marketing and how they can help one become successful in any chosen field.

“I was amazed with the support and interest that we had for the first-ever Huntsman Marketing Week,” said Sterling Bone, Huntsman Marketing Association advisor and associate professor of Management. “The HMA leaders were dedicated and committed to making this a valuable event for their peers.”

Students had the opportunity to participate in events like the ZAGG Case Competition, a Qualtrics market research workshop and a new venture marketing brainstorm session that exposed students to real-life situations marketing professionals face.

“Working very closely with our corporate partners, Marketing Week brought both rigorous competition and relevant training to Huntsman students,” Dr. Bone said.

During the week-long ZAGG Case Competition, teams of 3-5 students were given a marketing problem facing the company on Monday and asked to solve it by the end of the week. Then on Friday, each team presented their ideas to ZAGG executives who afterwards chose a winning team. A team of three marketing students James Hutchison, Trevor Gonzalez and Tanner Boden, took first and not only won iPads, but the possibility for their ideas to be implemented in the company’s marketing strategy.

Kent Wuthrich, (EVP Marketing at Zagg,) Angie Kinsley (Marketing Manager at Zagg), Trevor Gonzalez, James Hutchison
“I learned the importance of conducting rigorous research and only presenting materials that are relevant,” first place winner James Hutchison said. “I really appreciate the efforts of the Huntsman School of Business to bring world-class companies, like ZAGG, here and allowing the students to better understand what it takes to run a successful business.”

Hutchinson’s teammate Trevor Gonzalez agreed.

“While I was networking with executives during Marketing Week, they mentioned that they are always dealing with short deadlines, which we had to do,” he said. “Many internships that I am applying for ask if I can communicate well and present to an executive team. With participating in and winning this competition, I definitely feel that I can do those things.”

Students also worked closely with Blue Square Apartments and The Bull’s Head Pizzeria during a new venture marketing brainstorm session. During this activity, students came up with events, promotions and campaigns to help the Cache Valley startups increase community awareness and expand their customer base.

Ideas such as a new customer loyalty program, an Amazing Race-type event, a running with the bulls bike mob and a western-themed event featuring a mechanical bull were presented by students.

Other activities included a t-shirt design competition, a resume-building workshop and a raffle drawing.

According to Tom Goldhardt, HMA president and senior marketing student, the purpose of Marketing Week was show all USU students the value that marketing can play in all aspects of business.

“We wanted to introduce the whole university to marketing,” he said. “We feel like it is beneficial to every major and that everyone should know the basics.”

Marketing Week also proved to be an opportunity for students to explore career options and network with potential employers. As such, it was a reflection of the immense growth that the Huntsman Marketing Department has seen in the past few years, said Dr. Bone.

“Marketing is on the move,” he said. “We have revamped the marketing curriculum and are placing students as interns and full-time employees in amazing companies. Marketing Week brought awareness and exposure to what we are doing in the Huntsman Marketing Association to help students achieve their career goals.”

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