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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Seven Keys to Finishing the Huntsman Hall By Fall 2015

By Ken Snyder
We were in a meeting last week talking about how we are going to finish the building so that we can open for classes in Fall 2015. In the course of the conversation, our construction superintendent gave me a cute list of things he thinks need to happen in order to reach that goal. I am going to share with you an edited version of that list. He offers seven suggestions:

  1. The steel construction must be completed as quickly as possible.
  2.  Footings and foundations must be ready for the steel construction.  
  3. The building must be closed in early enough so that the work inside on Huntsman Hall can continue without delay.  
  4. Only subcontractors who can perform their work in a timely manner should be selected.
  5.  We need to identify steps that can overlap (i.e. be done in parallel) so we can wring time out of the schedule. 
  6. We must constantly look for ways to save time on this project. 
  7. We should pray for a mild winter. 

Clearly faith is not a routine part of a building strategy for all people, but for those of us who wouldn’t mind seeing a little divine intervention, it’s worth a try. I know I am trying it. I just hope the skiers aren’t praying for the opposite.

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