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Friday, November 8, 2013

Staging For Huntsman Hall Presents Some Unique Challenges

By Ken Snyder

For once I wish that William Shakespeare was right. He was the one who started his famous play “As You Like It” with the words “All the world’s a stage…”

That’s because when it comes to Huntsman Hall, space is in short supply and it would be much easier if all the world was a staging area. The staging area, when it comes to construction, is where the contractor puts the tools, equipment and supplies. In our case if you eliminate the area where the actual building is going to be located, there isn’t much space left over for staging.

That’s why we are dividing the building in to three sections and working on the part of Huntsman Hall that will be to the south and west of the building first. We are leaving the middle part that connects the two sides together until later so that we can save that piece of prime real estate for staging.

After we get to a certain point we’ll have to shift things so we can build the part that will connect the two buildings. That’s going to require some heavy-duty juggling and some smart planning.

I just thought I’d offer a little background to those of you who are watching our webcam so you will know why, at first, only two thirds of Huntsman Hall will be taking shape and you won’t be asking yourself if the full building is … “to be or not to be.”

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