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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Contractors Will Soon Pour the Foundation for Huntsman Hall

 By Ken Snyder

If you’ve been watching the Huntsman Hall webcams, you have noticed on the West Side of the George S. Eccles Business Building there are forms set in the ground that make it look like we are about to create a sunken subdivision.

Forms mark where foundation will be.
Those forms will be filled with concrete and will form the foundation of Huntsman Hall. This event, which we now think will probably happen during the first two-weeks of school, will be noticeable to more than just the webcam faithful. It will take about 20 trucks to haul the heavy substance to our building site and they will likely be here all at the same time, waiting in line, because once you start pouring concrete, it’s the kind of job you must finish. 

The best view of all of this happening will still be from our webcams. In the meantime, in a few days, you’ll be able to watch them positioning the steel rods that are needed to strengthen the foundation.
While we consider the tunnels that connected our utilities to the rest of campus the start of construction, all of the work about to take place in August and September will be the first evidence of the building going up. I’ll keep you updated.

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