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Friday, August 30, 2013

August 26 Proves a Groundbreaking Day in More Than One Way

By Ken Snyder

On Aug. 26 we had a wonderful, positive, and amazing day when we held a historic groundbreaking ceremony that drew an overflow crowd of more than 200 people. It was a rich collection of forward-thinking people that included friends and alumni of the Huntsman School of Business who have played key roles getting this work started. It also drew school and university leaders who helped make this happen. Students, faculty and staff who recognized the significance of the event also came to participate. And took place in front of the Huntsman School on the first day of classes which gave hundreds more the chance to see the historic event as it unfolded.
The speakers included Karen and Jon Huntsman and Jeffrey D. Clark, whose contributions, along with many others, got us to this point in the school’s history. President Stan Albrecht and Dean Douglas D. Anderson also spoke, sharing their gratitude along with their vision for what the school can become. We were even graced with a performance by the American Festival Chorus, led by Craig D. Jessop.

When it came time to break ground eight people were selected to wield the ceremonial shovels but Dean Anderson made sure they were not the only ones to get in the official pictures. He invited more alumni, more school officials, more faculty members, and lots of students to come forward in shifts to use the shovels. Dozens of people proudly became part of history that day.
It was a day full of gratitude, hope and it was all focused on what this would mean to our students and the people they would go out to serve. It was an event where Jon Huntsman expressed his pride in what the school and its students are accomplishing. 

“This business school stands above any other business school in America and throughout the world,” Jon Huntsman said. “You may just think I’m talking that way, but I really, truly believe it.”

It’s hard to have a better business school day than that. I can, however, think of one possibility. Stick around for 2015 when we cut the ribbon for Huntsman Hall.  I predict that will be an even more wonderful, positive and amazing day than what we just experienced. For now, however, we have a groundbreaking day worth remembering and I’m going to do just that.

They are, from left to right, Gary Stevenson, presiding bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Douglas Fiefia, ASUSU president, Jeffrey D. Clark, the founder, chairman and CEO of J.D. Clark & Company, Karen Huntsman, Jon M. Huntsman, Stan Albrecht, USU president; Douglas D. Anderson, dean of the Huntsman School of Business; and Noelle E. Cockett, USU Provost.

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