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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's all about context

Even though the design of our building is the next major step after we complete the programming, there are some design issues that affect spaces in the building, and therefore, are important for us to consider as part of the programming process. So, we have started working on some design concepts with our architects. In short, we need to make sure our building fits the context of the campus.

Ken Snyder
Let me share examples of some of the issues we are considering:

• One of the things we must consider is how our building will fit in with the other buildings and features of the campus. We have a beautiful campus and our building needs to enhance that beauty and not detract from it.

• Another thing we must consider is traffic flow. Our building will be between two parking lots and the rest of campus. We want it to prove inviting so that people will want to walk through it, even if it is only in one door and out the other. It’s important to us that we be connected with the campus community and one way to do that is to design a facility that is welcoming.

• We have to think about how tall the new building should be. We don’t want it to block the view we have from the George S. Eccles Business Building.

• We want to maximize the terrific asset we have of providing views of the south end of Cache Valley. We need to create reasons (classrooms!) that pull people into the south end of the new building where they will be able to enjoy the great views. If our classrooms are all located in or close to the old business building, the part of the new building with the great view of Cache Valley will be underutilized.

• One of the first things that visitors to our campus will see is Huntsman Hall. It will be like a face of the university. We want that face to reflect the campus.

Context counts!

- Ken Snyder

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