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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A message from graduates

Today is the start of our Spring 2011 Session and we're so excited for our new students! We asked people who have recently been through the course to tell us what they've learned through out the course and Nick Bahr was kind enough to send us this:

"I was able to get a job with enterprise rent-a-car in sandy as a management trainee. One of the most important reasons I got the job was research. I got to know the company by checking on-line and asking around, so that when I went to the interview, the people conducting the interviews could tell I knew something about the company. I am sure that this helped me to get the job, because the interviewer made mention of that point specifically. This, among other GWGC principles helped me get a spot with a great company. 
GWGC is still helping me progress in my career goals, and I refer back to the course and the principles all the time. Thanks GWGC!"
The principles that Nick is talking about will be emphasized tonight and throughout the rest of our sessions. They greatly assist in applying what is learned in class and we can't wait for our new students to have the opportunity to learn them!

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