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Monday, November 24, 2014

HMA Vooray Case Competition: Winners Report

Chris Vaughan

Case competitions like this absorb everything; your thoughts, time, and late night pizza funds all have to go into it. Fortunately I was prepared for the challenge, as this was my fourth case competition. I was ready and excited to make something incredible.

True to my expectation, my team and I dedicated enormous amounts of time and energy to think, research, design, and present, something great.

To any out there who seek to compete in a case competition in the future, it takes a lot to win, but the euphoria of success is enlivening. I think my team would agree that our success was largely determined by the strength of our team itself. We're very different people, whose paths only crossed for this one event, but we worked incredibly well together. Our strengths complement and compensate for our corresponding weaknesses. We listened, shared, and compromised in our efforts.

Our finished product turned out great! It was something we were proud of and excited to share. It had its imperfections, but its strengths nudged it ahead of the rest.

Although winning had its benefits, the most enjoyable part of this experience was working on a case that pertains to my area of interest. No classroom can give one the kind of real life experience that a case competition can. It gave me the opportunity to work for Vooray for a week, and to develop and present real promotional strategies. We worked hard and were stretched to the limit, but together my team and I succeeded. In my eyes this kind of experience is what college is all about.

Chris Vaughn, Hannah Mackintosh (Vooray representative), Shay Pierce, Brady Hanks, Nathan White

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