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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Graduation Time is a Moving Experience

By Ken Snyder

Huntsman Hall is making many of us think inside the box.

That's because more than 30 people are packing up their offices to make room for the construction that will soon be underway in the George S. Eccles Business Building. I am tuned in to this because there a lot of boxes in my life as I too make an office move. The construction that will create more space for our students is connected to the overall Huntsman Hall project. Right now that means some 200 boxes have been packed as we prepare for the change. It is a moving experience.

Perhaps we'll have more empathy for many of our students who are now packing up and preparing to go out into the global marketplace to find their way and leave their mark. They too are seeing the insides of boxes at the very time when nearly all of their focus is outside of the USU box they have called home for years.

We often focus on the big changes that can help us refocus and keep our life on target. However, the little changes, like moving to a new office, often require flexibly and a new outlook. The place we park our workplace desks is a big part of our lives and when that is changed, it gives us a chance to see things differently.

By living out of a box for awhile we actually get the opportunity to see outside the box and, hopefully, in so doing, we'll discover some new territory.

And we can thank Huntsman Hall for that.

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