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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Suddenly Huntsman Hall Construction Goes Into High Gear

By Ken Snyder

Faithful Huntsman Hall webcam watchers are finally being rewarded for their diligence. We have had, up until now, only limited approval to proceed with our construction work on Huntsman Hall. However, we recently received approval by the State of Utah to begin serious construction work on our new building.

There are several levels of approvals to go through before work on a big project like this can get underway. There are building code requirements to meet. All drawings go through an engineering evaluation. It’s all to make sure the building is designed well and will be safe. We, of course, want everything in order before we begin, but it has been hard to wait for months for the latest drawings to be reviewed so we can take things to the next level. 

So, I invite you again to take a look at our webcams and watch things take shape. We can finally kick things in high gear and build a new facility that will change education at the Huntsman School of Business forever and now you can watch it happen live – without falling asleep.

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