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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Extra Steps for a Few Months Will Lead to Major Payoffs For Generations to Come

By Ken Snyder

Many of us can get quite grumpy about having to park too far away from our destination, even if we’re going to the gym to work out. Many places even reward high performing employees and high ranking executives with special reserved parking spots close to the building. People seem to really care about parking privileges. 
Walking a few extra feet for a few months is worth it.

While we can’t see Huntsman Hall yet, we can see its construction footprint. In fact, those who park in the brown and teal lots across 400 North, which include most of the Huntsman School’s faculty and staff, must navigate around that construction every day. Yes, it’s making for a longer walk each day. I’m pleased to report, in this case however, I’m not hearing the complaints you might think could come from a change that increases the commute time by a couple of minutes each day. I’d like to think that it’s because as we walk to the doors on the north side of the George S. Eccles Business Building we get to envision what this new facility will be like. Who wouldn’t want to make a small sacrifice for a few months as they watch something that will benefit students for generations to come?

For those of you who aren’t experiencing this commute extension first-hand, we’ve created a little illustration to give us all a higher perspective. The dotted line is the path people took when Huntsman Hall was only a hope. The solid line is the path people are taking now. 

It looks like we are now all taking the path less traveled because we know that it in just a few months it will make all the difference.

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