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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Learning How to Bleed Blue and White: My Huntsman Graduate School Experience

Tyler Nielsen
Tyler Nielsen
The story of my graduate school experience is best started from the end. I have been lucky enough to land a full-time position in Honeywell’s Human Resources Leadership Development Program starting this summer. This was made possible by the Huntsman School of Business Master's of Human Resources program, which has worked hard to make USU one of Honeywell’s preferred universities to recruit from. When speaking with one of Honeywell’s VP’s of HR, he commented that students at Utah State obtain a superior education without becoming arrogant, unlike some of the students from an ivy-league school they have formerly recruited from. He said, “Aggies combine a ‘white-collar’ education with a ‘blue-collar’ work ethic.” The Huntsman School of Business has helped me in gaining both of those.
When compared with some other universities that I was considering for graduate school, USU offered me a wider array of options for my education as a grad student. With faculty and administrators who care about your specific career goals, I was able to get into the MBA and MSHR programs. This provided me with the breadth and depth of study that I was looking for in my quest to become a strategic HR professional. I have watched some of my fellow students customize their own tracks by complementing their MSHR degree with a master's in accounting or a master's in information systems. If you have a dream, the graduate student faculty in the Huntsman School of Business will help you get there by providing a superior “white-collar” education.
While I have enjoyed both of my master's programs, it was the opportunity to get involved at USU that appealed to me so much when deciding where to attend. In meetings with other schools, I felt restricted in not only customizing my education, but also in making an impact and leaving a legacy at the school. At USU, I have had the opportunity to found the MSHR Association, assist in founding the Global Affairs Committee, volunteer on the Business Council, plan a career exploration trip to the Bay Area, campaign for friends in ASUSU elections, organize extra-curricular classes, run a lemonade stand on campus for Entrepreneurship Week, go on recruiting trips for my programs, mentor new students, and help my cohort members in pursuing their educations and careers. These experiences have helped me grow in my abilities to serve, lead, and interact with my peers. There have been many hard lessons and rewarding experiences along the way that I cherish as much as, or even more than, my formal education. USU has encouraged and helped me to develop a “blue-collar” work ethic.
Thanks to the supportive faculty and the ability to chart my own education, USU has helped me to acquire a “white-collar” education. I was also constantly encouraged to dig in and give back with a “blue-collar” work ethic. These two, partnered together, have set me up for a successful career after graduation. This Aggie bleeds blue and white and owes that to the Huntsman School of Business.
— Tyler Nielsen 
     Business Council 
     VP of Graduate Studies

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