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Friday, March 1, 2013

A Small Cure for Senioritis

Have you been feeling uncharacteristically irresponsible this semester? Noticed a lack of motivation and abundance of procrastination? Been overusing the phrase YOLO? Do you find yourself wondering right now if YOLO should be coined a phrase or an acronym but don’t care to look it up?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you may have a case of Senioritis. Yes, it’s a real disease. Trust me, it’s been Tweeted.

Isn’t it a relief knowing you aren’t the only one suffering? It happens to the best of us, and it’s completely understandable. We’re just weeks away from the point where we get to put the books down and start reaping the benefits of everything we’ve been working for.

But, until then, you may want to try to do a little less daydreaming and a little more umm…homework.

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but the harsh reality is that if you don’t get your butt in gear and start focusing, you’re not graduating. D’s don’t get degrees, remember?

Though the only true cure is graduation, I have a few tips that may help suppress some symptoms in the mean time.
  • First and foremost, stop procrastinating. No, you don’t have to complete all of your final projects or crack down on studying for final exams right this second. However, I would encourage you to begin working towards your finals week preparation little by little. Just devote 10-15 minutes of your time everyday in preparation for finals week. You’ll be amazed by what you are capable of accomplishing ahead of time. 

  • Keep a daily checklist. We all know how hectic it can be trying to keep up with 16 credit hours, your senior year internship duties, work responsibilities, laundry, grocery shopping, etc. The list goes on and on. Making a small to-do list on a daily basis is a great way to help you make sure none of these tasks slip through the cracks. If you’re lucky, maybe you will even have time to pencil in a few minutes to maintain your social life too.

  • Take care of yourself. I know climbing out of your cozy bed to face the icy blasts of wind and slippery sidewalks of USU’s campus during spring semester can be a daunting chore. But, rolling out of bed just in time to tuck your sweatpants into a pair of UGG boots and throw a jacket over the same t-shirt you’ve been wearing for the past 48 hours isn’t exactly the best way to begin a productive day. Stop pressing the snooze button and try waking up early enough to, I don’t know, take a shower?  And while you’re at it, pour yourself a bowl of cereal. A solid start to your morning is essential to maintaining productivity throughout the rest of the day.

Also, keep in mind that we only have a few weeks left. Stay strong, bust through these last few assignments. Quit cutting class. It will be graduation day before you know it. Woody Allen once said, “Eighty percent of success is just showing up.”

Nicole Traveller
Nicole Traveller
Jon M. Huntsman School of Business Intern

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