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Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Building Insurance

We are about to hire some “insurance.” The next step of the new building process is to hire what is called a commissioning agent. A commissioning agent is someone who will work with our architects to be sure they are designing a building that will meet our needs. The commissioning agent will also work with the contractors to be sure that the equipment being installed in the building – things like heating and air conditioning, water pipes, lights, etc. – will actually work.
Ken Snyder

It’s a position we must fill to comply with state regulations. When you have great, responsible architects and builders working together, as I believe we do, such a person is not really needed. However, I can see the advantage of having the expertise of a commissioning agent available, and I view it as sort of insurance that things will be done right.

The state has learned by some sad experience that without a commissioning agent, sometimes things don’t work as they are supposed to work. So Utah requires a commissioning agent for all state buildings. Other states and many large corporations have also opted to require such expertise for large construction projects.

It’s nice to know that things like the building’s heating and air conditioning will be tested and fully operational when Huntsman Hall is ready to become part of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business.

- Ken Snyder

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