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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winning support in high places

Last week, I mentioned we will try to “go big.” As a first step in that process, we needed to present our plans to people in high places. We first presented our plans to President Albrecht. He is always supportive of our students, and he approved our plans. We next presented our plans to the Utah State University Board of Trustees. All of them were supportive of our vision. They recognize our new plans will better meet the needs of our students for the next 15 years or more.
Ken Snyder

We are now aiming to raise funds to make our building 117,000-square-feet, instead of the 78,000-square-foot plan we can do with the original budget. That means we will need to raise an additional $10 million in the next few months.

This expansion of our vision was sparked by a National Advisory Board member who inspired us by telling us we should “go big, or go home.” We were persuaded to “go big” and we are gaining support as we move forward. We are fortunate to have committed leaders at USU who share our vision of what we can do to empower our students and raise the profile of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, and we look forward to training many more leaders just like them as we move onward.

- Ken Snyder

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