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Friday, March 18, 2011

March 9th: Toyota

Everyone at Utah State seems to have caught on to the great hype of Toyota. In class we read “The Toyota Way”, we talk about JIT, we discuss how Toyota rose to the top, and we learn of their philosophies. I feel like Toyota has been drilled into our brains throughout business school. But experiencing Toyota gives renewed awe for their greatness. Going to the factory made me realize how efficient and productive they truly have become. It amazed me to see how quickly they put together cars. Each employee had the system down and knew exactly what they were doing.They had layouts and visual cues for everything.When driving their carts they knew exactly where to stop because the lines were drawn out for them. They even had lines drawn around the places their plants could go. Besides everything being drawn out, it was very organized and clean. No wonder they can produce so many cars per day. Being able to experience Toyota was worth all the hype we heard about it. I would back them up any day.

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