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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Business Ambassadors Program

The ambassadors are preparing for another amazing semester full of new opportunities and new ideas coming to the Huntsman School. This last semester was a wonderful semester as the ambassadors worked to assist the many speakers that came to enlighten the students in the school with their experiences and insight, those speakers included Stephen Covey and Jon M. Huntsman along with many other accomplished business leaders who were eager to share with students what they knew in an effort to help the Huntsman School cultivate not only future business leaders but world leaders. Other events included helping assist with the many events that took place with the highly anticipated business week in hosting speakers and helping with things like the golf tournament, etc.

This next semester will provide great opportunity for students to learn from brilliant minds as they look towards the future and how they will make a difference. The ambassadors are planning to help host speakers at Dean's Convocations, Executive Leadership Events and Lectures. These events allow students to interact with the people that are working in the real world and gain an understanding of what real world business is really all about.

The business ambassadors are also heavily involved in the Huntsman Alumni Discovery Project and are conducting hundreds of interviews each semester to discover unrecognized leaders that came from USU in the past. These interviews build the ambassadors understanding of business principles and allow them to closely interact with people around the state. These interviews also give alumni the opportunity to discover the wonders that are happening in the school and gain an understanding of what they can do to help continue the rapid development that has taken place. The ambassadors are working hard to continue to build the school in whatever way possible to get the school's name out and help the world understand the changes that are taking place so that students can graduate with as much opportunity as possible. Its going to be another wonderful and eventful semester for the ambassadors as they prepare for the many events but even more so for students who have the opportunity to take advantage of these many events to learn and develop as they look to change the world.

Stephen Larsen

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